Welcome to my ePortfolio. This web-based portfolio started as a project for an online learning and teaching class for educators and it has developed into an electronic portfolio.


Ted Gavlin is a professional educator, administrator, and leader. He has served as the principal of a medium-sized elementary school with 565 students in 4K through eighth grade. He enjoys the instructional leadership of administration and the challenge of maximizing student learning, especially through the use of technology.

Prior to becoming a principal, Ted was as a Technology Director and the Curriculum Coordinator where he redesigned the curriculum and implemented educational technology to the teaching staff and students.

He received his
Bachelor of Science degree in Life Science with a minor in Secondary Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He earned his Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University Chicago. He received his Director of Instruction and Principal license through coursework at Silver Lake College. Additional coursework beyond his Master's has been as various colleges.

Because he is a strong proponent of professional development, Ted co-authored two publications,
Self-Assessment of Educator Standards: An Instrument for Professional Growth and Reflection Teacher Edition (2006) and Self-Assessment of Educator Standards: An Instrument for Professional Growth and Reflection Administrator Edition, (2006) which have been used by Wisconsin initial educators to develop Professional Development Plans. He has presented at several state and local level conferences and at many in-services for teachers and administrators.

When he’s not at school, Ted enjoys spending time with his wife and dog. He also loves computers, electronic gadgets, cooking, reading, gardening, and watching movies.

Current Personal Projects

1. Creating a digital media server using Plex
2. Automating the home through
Apple Homekit
3. Investigating the single board computer,
Raspberry Pi